While our core business may be commercial - we have built some of the most attractive and functional kitchens in Fairbanks!

Often the "big box" store cabinetry doesn't fit your style or isn't available in the wood you want (like true Alaskan Birch), and sometimes, like above, square boxes just don't fit in round spaces! Then, Dreamworks Cabinetry can help you craft your dreams.

Check out two recent Alaska Birch Shaker Style Kitchens here. Dreamworks has a source of regionally harvested Alaska Birch that makes your kitchen Alaska Warm & Friendly!

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2


While about 80% of our work is for commercial casework, we always seem to have some kitchen work or residential casework jobs going through the shop (look at the Furniture page,too). As cabinetmakers, we can also give you sound advice as to what is possible and what works for good kitchen design. One of our custom kitchens done for Reina Alaska in 2009 was selected as the IABA "Kitchen of the Year"! Even if we don't build it in our shop, we can get exactly what you you want from our relationship with the Canyon Creek Cabinet Company.

A typical kitchen lifetime is 15 to 20 years. As the center of activity in your home it certainly demands a high priority in your planning and building. Do you want to be completely free from ‘stock sizes’ to design your kitchen to fit your home? Do you want to settle for ‘what’s available’ at your local retailer? Or would you rather have a kitchen built to your specifications, incorporating the features you want where you want them? At Dreamworks, it’s all available; built to the size you want, in the wood you want, and finished exactly the way you want it. Read a recent testimonial about our work from a customer.

Explore our website, visit the store displays at the big box stores, sketch out your kitchen and bring us pictures of your ideas. We can manufacture the casework that is exactly what you want. If you are installing the kitchen yourself, we can offer support and advice along with our quality cabinets. If you are working with a contractor, then send him to Dreamworks for the cabinets. If you have already found what you want, still come visit us and let us provide you a competitive quote - you might be pleasantly surprised!

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