A partial list of our committed, current, and completed commercial projects:
In addition to these larger and more public casework and arcthitectural millwork projects we have also completed numerous smaller commercial projects as well as many residential projects throughout the Interior of Alaska. Please feel free to call with any questions or for reference contact information for any of the listed jobs. For a list of jobs under contract, but not yet in progress or compeleted, please call.
UAA School of Engineering - Neeser Construction*
Cordova Center - Dawson Construction*
UAF Akasofu Bldg. Restoration - Orion Construction*
Richardson Hwy Weigh Stations- GBC Inc.*
Eielson AFB Fire Station- American Mechanical Inc.*
UAF Sports/Rec Center Remodel- Cygnet Construction
Soldotna Div of Forestry Office- Blazy Construction
The Delta Dentist - Heritage Construction
Medical Dental Arts Bldg Suite 222-Ghemm Company
Noel Wein Library -Alcan Builders
North Pole Veterinary Hospital - Blake Enterprises
MAC Federal Credit Union Operations Center - Ghemm Company
Soboleff Center - Dawson Construction Inc.
Medical Dental Arts Bldg Suites 103/104 - Ghemm Company
Advanced Physical Therapy -Alcan Builders
Medical Dental Arts Bldg Suite 121 - Ghemm Company
North Pole High School CTC Wing Remodel - Alcan Builders
Bassett Hospital Reception, Ft. Wainwright- Ghemm Company
DEC Building, Fairbanks - B-Line Construction
Medical Dental Arts Bldg Suite 207- Ghemm Construction
Ryan Middle School - Wolverine Supply
UAF Chapman Hall Restrooms- Cygnet Construction
UAA Alumni Suite - Blomfield Company
First National Bank of Alaska Interior Branch Lobby- American Mechanical Inc.
GSAB Hangar, Ft. Wainwright - Watterson Construction
Ferguson Enterprises - John Donaldson Construction
UAF Fire Dept. Conference Table - direct
UAF Bunnell Room 301A - Richard Stanton Construction
Ferguson Enterprises - John Donaldson Construction
REI Store - Fairbanks - Jackson Dean
Fairbanks Surgery Center Locker Room Remodel - Cygnet Construction
University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Alumni Suite Remodel - Bloomfield Construction

*in progress


Copper River Native Association Vehicle Maintenance Facility - Heritage Construction
Tanana Valley Clinic 2nd Floor Remodel - Johnson River Enterprises
Juneau Micro-Comp Cancer Center - Denali General
Fairbanks Youth Advocate Facility - Johnson River Enterprises
Brown Jug Liquor Store, Fairbanks - Alcan Builders
Fairbanks Cancer Center Casework - Spaulding Interiors
Enterprise Car Rental Refresh - Birkholz Construction
University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Bunnel Hall Competer Room - Armstrong Construction
University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Backfill Project - Richard Stanton Construction
University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Gruening Hall - Richard Stantion Construction
Kali School Casework, Point Lay, North Slope Borough - UIC Construction
Interior Community Health Clinic Lobby Remodel - Ghemm Company
Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, Fairbanks
Central Peninsula Hospital Radiation Suite - Blazy Construction
Kenai Peninsula College, CTC Casework - Blazy Construction
Pipeline Training Center, Fairbanks
Barnette Magnet School, Fairbanks North Star Borough - G2 Construction
Princess Tours Fairbanks Airport Kiosks
Tazlina Health Clinic - Dawson Construction
Central Peninsula Hospital Oncology Suite - Denali General

*in progress

Alaska Family Health & Birth Clinic - SAW Construction
Mountain Veiw Medical Clinic Countertops - G2 Consruction
Pogo Mine Entry Casework - Alaska Commercial Construction
Anderson Dental Clinic, Delta Junction - Heritage Construction
Nikiski Power Plant casework - NORCON
Ft. Greely Building 2079 - Halco Enterprises
Northwest Magnet School Remodel Bethel Services, Inc.
Ft. Greely Fire Station American Mechanical
Morris Thompson Visitor Center Display Casework Andre & Associates Design
Denali State Bank Main Lobby Casework Element Design / Stanton Construction
Medical Dental Arts Building Sports Medicine Clinic GHEMM Company
Fahrenkamp RDT Center Remodel G2 Construction
Eielson BX to Library Renovation Bristol Design Build
Medical Dental Arts Building Fairbanks Clinic GHEMM Company
Seekins Ford Casework Nenana Lumber Company
UAF CTC 4th Floor Revitalization Wolverine Supply
US Coast Guard Residence Kitchens, Valdez Ahtna Engineering Services
Fairbanks Mem Hospital Toilet Remodel Johnson River Enterprises
Eielson AFB 3025 Casework Tatitlik
GVEA Vehicle Shop GBC Inc.

Kendal Toyota Casework GHEMM Company
Pogo Mine Entry Casework Alaska Commercail Construction
Nikiski Power Plant NORCON
Medical Dental Arts Building Suilte 220 Johnson River Enterprises
Anderson Dental Clinic, Delta Junction Heritage General Contracting
Northern Lights Hotel Casework D&D Building
Advanced Physical Therapy Office Alcan Builders
LDS Church Casework, Fairbanks Birkholz Construction
Fairbanks Mem Hospital OR Lounge casework Johnson River Enterprises
UAA Science Renovation casework Watterson Construction Company
FNSB Landfill Weigh Station counters & sills G2 Construction
Denali Front Country Control Room Udelhoven
TVC 3rd Floor Pediatrics Ward Casework Johnson River Enterprises
Ft. Wainwright 336B Barracks Closet Casework Kiewit Construction
Cutler Hall Casework (Canyon Creek) Wolverine Supply
Williams House Renovations GHEMM Company
Eielson Commander's Office & Business Center Alutiiq Int'l Solutions
Ft Greeley Community Center Heritage General Contracting
Ft Wainwright Nuggett Lanes Bowling Console CCI Construction
Ft. Wainwright Warriors in Transistion Complex PCL Construction
Spirit of Alaska FCU Johansen Branch GHEMM Company
Ft. Wainwright 336A Aircraft Parts Storage Tunista / TBI
Mount McKinley Animal Hospital GHEMM Company
Doyan Huntington Bldg Office 1st Fl Remodel City Construction
I C H C Dental Expansion Casework GHEMM Company
UAF Rasmussen Library Museum Cases - Ted Stevens Exhibit
Chena Lakes Visitor Center Bristol Corporation
Ft. Wainwright B3127 Command Center Casework Alutiiq
Ft. Richardson Bldg 1107 Casework Bristol Corporation
Senator Murkowski Office Casework (GSA) Kardel Construction
M J Somer School Teacher Lounge Casework American Mechanical
St. Mary's Schools Vocational Ed Casework Apex Construction
Galena Academy Gym & Dining Hall AWW Bethel Services
Play N Learn Casework Birkholz Construction
Lower Yukon Mountain Village Casework Dowland Construction
Floorcraft Commercial Sales Offices Casework
Bassett Hospital MRI Room Casework Kiewit Construction
Noorvik Clinic Casework & AWW Bethel Services
Fulford Electric Casework GHEMM Company
GCI Retail Store Casework
Ft. Greely Power Plant Breakroom Casework Norcon
Anaktuvuk Pass Museum Casework Dowland Construction
Sam's Sourdough Restaurant Casework Birkholz Construction
Fairbanks Urgent Care Group Casework Birkholz Construction

UAF Signers Hall Remodel Architectural Woodwork GBC Inc.
Barnett Magnet School Remodel CW & AWW Chugach Alaska
FWW Building 3206 Reception Desk Trost Construction
FWW Firing Range Reception Desk Tatitlek
Wells Fargo Bank Cushman Branch Artifact Display Cases
Mt. McKinley Bank Main Branch Additional Checkstand
Talkeetna Warm Storage Building Casework Wolverine Supply
F N S Borough Assessors Office Casework G2 Construction
Denali Federal Credit Union Cabinets LJ Construction
UAF Kuskowkum Campus Project Casework Puffin Electric
Tetlin Wildlife Preserve Forest Service Reception Ivie Interpretive
FWW Bassett Respiratory Therapy Casework GHEMM Company
Fairbanks Youth Facility Mezzanine Casework T-Bar Construction
The North Pole Hotel Alaska Commercial Construction
· Hampton Inn, Fairbanks G2 Construction
Homer Water Treatment Plant Udelhoven
· Juneau Auke Bay Fast Ferry Support Corban Construction
Frontier Flying Office Countertops
Fairbanks Urgent Care Reception Birkholtz Construction
19 College Rd for Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Occupational Therapy Fountainhead Developtment
Tanana Valley Clinic Ped Desk and Break Rm GHEMM Company
Mt. McKinley Bank new Main Branch, Fairbanks – all casework GHEMM Company
· Morris Thompson Visitor Center, Fairbanks - all casework GHEMM Company
· St. Marys, AK Schools Remodel Casework 66 North
· Eielson Red Flag 1141 Building AWW Chugach Industries
· Galkona Multi-Use Facility Kitchen Koh’taene Enterprises
· Interior Community Health Center Add’l Dental Casework
· Marika Street Bldg Breakroom Casework T-Bar Construction
· Fairbanks Hospice Center Reception CW Chugach Industries
· UAF Wood Center Lobby TV Cabinet
· True North Credit Union, Cushman St Casework Alcan Builders
· Eielson Air Guard Mobility Center Casework ASRC Constructors
· Ahtna Glennallen Multipurpose Facility Koh’taene Enterprises
· Boney (Anchorage) Courthouse 3rd Floor Remodel Casework and Architectural Woodwork Dar-Con Corporation
· Sam’s Club Pharmacy casework Catamount Constructors
· Eyak Ilanka Building, Cordova Koht’aene Enterprises
· Ft Wainwright Kamish Med/Dental Bldg CW GHEMM Company
· Fairbanks Mental Hospital Info Serv Casework GHEMM Company
· Casework for Salcha LDS Church of the Latter Day Saints
· Sophie Station Greeter Stand Princess Hotels
· Alaska Sleep Center Casework Alaska Commercial Development
· Pendergrast Dental Office Casework
· NNB Control Booth Casework New Northwest Broadcasting
· Coffee Station University of Alaska, Fairbanks

· Kenworth Fairbanks store Alaska Commercial Development
· Denali State Bank financial center renovations GHEMM Company
· Northern Schools FCU, Old Steese Hwy. Branch Alaska Commercial Construction
· Mt. McKinley bank, Old Steese Hwy. Branch Richard Stanton Con
· Fairbanks Masonic Temple Birkholz Construction
· Fulford Electric office expansion GHEMM Company
· KSUA Production Studio University of Alaska, Fairbanks
· Brewster's Restaurant, new Old Steese Hwy.
· Craig O'Donoghue DDS, Danby Road Birkholz Construction
· Pioneer's Home Moosewood Room Armstrong Construction
· FNBA, Johanson branch Watterson Construction
· MAC Federal Credit Union, downtown Fairbanks branch DEI Inc.
· FNSB downtown transit park Richard Stanton Construction
· Spenbros Deli, Shoppers Forum
· KSUA Broadcast Booth T-Bar Construction
· Eielson MilitaryWorking Dog Kennel Chugach
· Karen Adams, DDS, Ridgeview Park Fountainhead Development
· Todd Lovell, DC, Ridgeview Park Fountainhead Development
· West Valley Vision Ridgeview Park Fountainhead Development
· Ft. Wainwright Medical Warehouse GHEMM Company
· Ft. Wainwright Ammo Supply Point Watterson Construction
· Lynx Creek Pizza main counter, Denali Park Princess Hotels
· Nenana School Kitchen T-Bar Construction
· Fairbanks Operating Engineers Union Hall GHEMM Company
· TVC First Care addition
· UAF Sports Information/Conference table Armstrong Construction
· UAF Rifle Team lockers Armstrong Construction
· Eielson MilitaryWorking Dog Kennel Chugach
· Denali State Bank Chena Pump Fountainhead Development
· Ft. Greely Community Center Bliss Construction
· Carlson Center new entrance ticket counter
· UAF Patty Center Student Study room T-Bar Construction
· UAF Women's Basketball Team locker room T-Bar Construction
· 1st Presbyterian Church renovations GHEMM Company
· Clear Air Force Station Library Wolverine Supply
· Fairbanks International Airport Rescue Building Wolverine Supply
· Auto Trim Design main service counter Tilly and Co.
· Alaska Center for Natural Medicine main reception desk
· Renal Care Group building, Airport Way Birkholz
· UAF TVC relocation to old courthouse bldg Richard Stanton
· LDS Group Genealogy library bookcases
· Brewster's Restaurant, Teddy Bear Plaza
· Ralph Perdue Center laundry room Bliss Construction
· 1867 Airport Way, Suite 165 Birkholz Construction
· UAF Wood Center Pub back bar Alcan Builders
· Ft. Greely Child Development Center Chugach / Alvetig JV
· MacCheyne's Carpets Plus Commercial sales office
· Tesoro To-Go Mart #114 Birkholz Construction
· Tesoro To-Go Mart #111 Birkholz Construction
· Tesoro To-Go Mart #112 Birkholz Construction
· FNSB; BAO Human Resources counter
· UAF Men's Basketball Team lockers Birkholz Construction
· Cellular One, North Pole offices
· U.S. Federal Courthouse judges bench extension/modification and defendant's booth AASL
· Gas Line store renos, Airport Way Birkholz Construction
· Safeway Fueling kiosk, Old Steese Hwy. Birkholz Construction
· Aurora Animal Clinic main counter Alaska Interior Construction
· Water wagon reception office
· Professional Pharmacy, TVC building GHEMM Company
· Gas Line convenience store, Steese Hwy. Birkholz Construction

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