Keur is the only metal laboratory casework manufacturer that met the Dreamworks standard of American manufacture and of quality...

Keur manufactures the Multi-Lab® and Browne Morse® lines of quality steel, wood, and plastic laminate laboratory furniture, including fume hoods and laboratory accessories.

Choice of:
Multi-Lab® Steel Laboratory Furniture or
Browne-Morse® Casework
  • Cabinets
  • Fume Hoods
  • Wall Cases
  • Floor Cases
  • Aprons
  • Tables
  • Custom Filler Panels
  • Selection of Countertop Material & Designs

Laboratory Accessories

Click Here for a PDF copy of The Keur Multi=Lab Catalog (6MB)

Click Here for a PDF copy of the Keur Fume Hood Catalog (2MB)

Link to Keur Industries Website

Dreamworks Cabinetry will fully integrate Keur casework into our quote and delivery, providing the same high quality of submittals and of integration into the final job. Dreamworks fully warrants the design and suitability of the product, and Keur fully warrants the casework for defects of design, materials or workmanship.

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