<Dreamworks Cabinetry, LLC Custom Commercial Bid Casework and Countertop for Alaska



We are competitive with AWI Premium & Custom Casework for bid commercial jobs, and Dreamworks is now a certified HUBZone small business.

Dreamworks Cabinetry welcomes invitations to bid custom commercial casework and architectural woodwork for construction or remodel jobs in Alaska. We take the initiative to seek out jobs with specification sections that match our product line for custom cabinets, metal laboratory cabinets, or manufactured casework. We take the initiative to view and screen jobs that come up on the Alaska General Contractors "The Plans Room" website, and also follow the Federal Business Opportunities site and AEPLans listings.


We will reply to any invitation to quote, and will supply prices on jobs that match our capabilities and anticipated available shop schedule. While we will often be proactive in providing quotes to general contractors listed on the AGC Plans Room website, please call or email asking for pricing on jobs that you are working on.

We carefully review the specification and drawings, and our quotes will always be complaint with specifications (or detail or other drawings if not explicit in the specifications). We will initiate any clarification questions relative to the specification - but if you plan to quote to a substitute or alternative specification, please tell us so that we can be competitive and give you the best price possible.

We are attempting to stay on the vangard of "green" building and minimal environmental impact with our casework. We use high recycled content materials, and have developed sources for low VOC products. We are also a member of the Green Building Council.

We have added the Keur Industries Multi-Lab product line so that we can be a single source casework and countertop source when there is metal casework included in a job. We have recently added distributorship for Canyon Creek so that we can be comprehensive in our casework quotes to also include manufactured or modular casework in a comprehensive quotation.

When you are quoting State of Alaska or University of Alaska jobs, we provide you with the advantage of Alaska Products Preference on our Fairbanks manufactured casework, which allows a bidders advantage of up to 7% of our product's cost (3% on the Keur casework).

When quoting, we typically provide a highly detailed and descriptive quotation, designed to make sure right up front that we have been comprehensive in our quotation and that any omissions are easily spotted. While we try to make all of our quotes comprehensive of the specification section quoted, this desription assures both you and us that we have the job covered and match your current understanding of the specification. Prices quoted will be for a stated delivery period to match you needs. Quotes will generally be valid for up to 60 days, and will be a firm price quote on our standard terms.

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