Alaska Preferred Products Certified

Dreamworks Fairbanks made custom casework is certified by the State of Alaska for Alaska Products Preference III, generally giving a 7% bidders preference on State projects for the cost of Dreamworks casework.

Metal Laboratory Casework, hoods, and Epoxy or Stainless Countertops are certified by the State of Alaska as Alaska Products Preference I, giving a lower, but still significant dollar preference.

Dreamworks Fairbanks produced casework and countertop is registered as "Made in Alaska", permit #6065



Dreamworks Buy Alaskan & Buy American Policy

Dreamworks tries to source all materials first from Alaskan sources or Alaska distributors and only secondarily from Outside vendors. When materials or casework is brought in from Outside, we are proud that those vendors (Keur and Canyon Creek) are both Made in The United States of America, rather than imported from overseas taking American jobs - like some of the competition.


Dreamworks Cabinetry warrants our products for appropriateness of design or adherance to architect standards, warrants materials used for freedom from defect, and warrants casework for quality of workmanship and materials for one year.


Dreamworks Cabinetry always adheres to the specified standards required by specification or as identified with the customer. We carefully follow the requried standard and will self-certify our custom casework for compliance. If AWI or KCMI certification labels are a must for your job, we can supply casework from Outside that meets the standard.


Dreamworks Cabinetry is a member of the Green Building Council, and has explored various designs and material utilizations to maximize the LEED benefit calculation on buildings using Dreamworks Cabinetry products. Please ask about how we can help.

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Who we are...

Since 2001, Dreamworks Cabinetry has set the quality standard for commercial casework for the interior of Alaska. 90% or more of our buisness is commercial casework for general contractors building for customers who want their public area casework to speak to the professionalism and quality of their business establishment.


Dreamworks has supplied casework for the new Morris Thompson Visitor Center (above), most of the new bank lobbies in Fairbanks (including the new main branch of Mt. McKinley), the Hampton Inn, and striking recepetion desks for many local professional offices and buisinesses. Most of our casework and countertop is custom work, done to architect specification, but we also design casework for commercial and residential applications.

Our operation is fully computer integrated from quotation or proposal all the way to final shipment and invoicing. Quotes are prepared in descriptive detail with pricing calculated from a database kept up to date with current costs. Submittal or approval drawings are done in three dimensional AutoCad - which allows for various iso views and renderings to more effectively show what your new casework will look like. Shop drawings, material take-offs, cut-sheets, and work orders flow from the approved 3-D submittal drawings directly.

As we have grown, we have found needs for alternative materials and casework which is outside of our exptertise. In order to quote complete jobs, we have taken on distrbutorships or dealerships for several outstanding brands that meet our standards. We are the Alaska dealer for Keur Industries so as to be able to supply quality, American made, powder coated metal laboratory casework. We have recently become a dealership for Canyon Creek casework out of Washington. We are an authorized commercial shop for DuPont Corian countertop. We can supply many alternative countertop materials, including Paperstone, Trespa, or Epoxyn.

Please give us an opportunity to help you design the casework for your job. We will work with you directly or with your architect. If your job is designed or you are a contractor bidding a job, please give us the opportunity to quote. You may be surprised at our price - and will never be disappointed by our quality.

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