Dreamworks is a small family business...

History of Dreamworks Cabinetry

Dreamworks Cabinetry, LLC is managed and run by Christopher Larrick.  Chris and his wife, Heather Krawiec, own the business in a family partnership with his father, Rick Larrick.  Dreamworks was founded in August, 2001 at its current location at 2984 Parks Highway

Christopher has worked as a cabinetmaker in Fairbanks for well over ten years.  He also has experience in the commercial cabinetry market in Atlanta, GA.  Locally, Chris is well known for his quality workmanship and his consistent ability to meet customer delivery commitments.

Cabinetmakers employed by Chris in the Dreamworks shop all have significant prior cabinet or furniture making experience and demonstrated expertise.  You can count on each of them to meet Chris' very high standards of quality workmanship.

Rick retired in 2006 and moved to Fairbanks where he has taken responsibiity for most of the commercial bid quotes for Dreamworks. Chris does all the design, leads the 3-D AutoCad work, and manages the shop on a day-to-day basis. Heather adds a design and creative touch, especially where we are asked to propose a design solution for a customer, and does 3-D AutoCad work.

The corporate form of Dreamworks is as an Alaska Limited Liability Company. It is owned by The Three Trees Trust, Christopher Larrick, and Heather Krawiec. Dreamworks is liscensed in the State of Alaska as a manufacturer and as a contractor, and holds a City of Fairbanks Business Liscense. Dreamworks is fully insured and bonded. Copies and/or numbers of liscenses and/or insurance certificates can be furnished upon request.