Dreamworks Cabinetry Warranty

We warrant our products to be of design and manufacture as proposed in our written proposal or quote document, including adherance to applicable specifications if so referenced in the quote or proposal. We further warrant our products for a period of 12 months against defects in material or workmanship as defined and specified by the guidelines below:


1. Notification must be made within 10 days of cabinetry pick-up or delivery of any discrepancies from the written proposal or quotation, including, but not limited to faulty design, quantity, adherance to specification, quality or suitablity. If a written submittal document has been provided and approved, it will be the determining reference document, superceeding the proposal or quotation.

2. Defects in material or workmanship are warranted for a full 12 months from pick-up or delivery, unless explicitly stated in a contract or purchase order for commercial casework that the warranty extends for 12 months (or another agreed duration) from project completion.

3.Dreamwork's customer is the final determiner of descrepancies and of quality and workmanship issues, so long as they are demonstrated to vary from that promised in the proposal, quotation, or submittal, or if workmanship or material suitabiity and durability varies from commonly expected standards.

4. Suitability for use is warranted if Dreamworks proposed the design, however, if the design was as specified in architectural drawings, sketches, or other materials furnished by the customer (and not modified by Dreamworks), then Dreamworks cannot be held responsible for design flaw or related failure.

5. Dreamworks only warrants quality and suitability of installation if Dreamworks provided those contrat services. Failure due to improper installation is the responsibility of the installer.

6. The remedy for warranty issues generally is prompt replacement and/or suitable repair by Dreamworks. Dreamworks reserves the right to refund payment if the proposed replacement or repair is not agreeable to the customer.

7. Any warranty is only valid if terms of payment in the proposal or purchase contract are met.

After Sale Support / Parts & Service

Dreamworks keeps copies of all shop drawings for a minimum of ten years after a sale. We can thus easily duplicate a job, or supply additional cabinets that are an exact match to those currently installed. It also makes it quick and easy for us to supply any replacement doors, parts or pieces. We maintain a replacement stock of our standard hardware at the shop, and with our retained records, can usually find replacements for even special order parts. We are always ready to supply our customers with advice on maintenance, cleaning, repair or matchiinng replacement.

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