Dreamworks Cabinetry follows Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) standards for manufacture of our custom casework, unless otherwise stated or specified.


There are many trade organizations and standards organizations in existance. Some are very helpful, and others only serve to limit competition, support higher prices, or serve their self interest. Most will certify compliance only after a fee has been paid, and an applicant financed site visit has been performed by their staff. Very few Alaska cabinetmakers are members of any of these organizations, and to our knowledge, none are certified facilities or able to use certifying stickers or documents.

While we are not directly certified by any of these bodies, we will, if asked, provide a letter that self-certifies or guarantees that we have followed their published specifications or methods. With our own quality reputation in the market, we find that this is usually sufficient for most Alaska archtiects and contractors.

If full AWI certification and labels, or if full KCMA certification and labels are required, we can source either custom or pre-engineered manufactured casework through our partner, Canyon Creek.

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