Dreamworks Cabinetry was established in Fairbanks in 2001, and has been growing each year since by supplying quality custom commercial casework to contractors in Alaska.  All casework is manufactured in Alaska for the Alaska market.  Dreamworks Cabinetry is a supplier of casework and does not do on-site installation.  Casework is manufactured, and items pre-fit in our shop.  If needed, they are then disassembled and carefully match-marked with accompanying assembly drawings and instructions.  Casework and countertops are typically packed on pallets and made ready for customer pickup or shipment from our shop. 

Our growing list of general and subcontractor customers appreciate the quality and reduced on-site labor costs due to the ease of installation of our products that are engineered with that ease of installation in mind.  Our goal is to be the “back shop” quality architectural woodwork and casework supplier for the best of Alaska’s general and interior sub contractors, setting the standard for quality and for execution of agreed schedule commitments.

Our preferred method of design and construction is on the 32mm standard, with Blum hinging for quick and easy on-site adjustment of door fit and level, and with Camar style leg levelers on base units for quickly and easily setting true and level; suitable toe board is included for each run.  When meeting a wall or vertical surface, we typically supply matching filler pieces to assure a custom quality fit.

All work is designed in three dimensional AutoCad, both for submittal drawings and for translation into work orders and computer code for our CNC shop equipment.  Our state-of-the-art 6000 sq ft shop includes saw, edgebanding, CNC router / machining station, case clamping, and other equipment laid out and managed in a lean manufacturing environment.

Dreamworks Cabinetry is certified Alaska Product Preference Class III for all of our product produced in Fairbanks, Alaska.  We are also certified as Alaska Products Preference I for our line of metal laboratory casework which is produced for us by Keur Industries in Michigan.

Dreamworks specializes in fine veneers, custom wood finishes, and very high quality plastic laminate work.  A specialty is wood edged and solid surface edged laminate countertop – including radiused edges.  Countertop offerings include laminate, wood edged laminate, solid surface edged laminate, solid surface, stainless steel, Paperstone, and epoxy resin.  We work with all of the suppliers of laminate and solid surface, and have found sources for premium hardwood for fine furniture quality work.  Our preferred laminates are Formica and WilsonArt, and our preferred solid surface provider is DuPont Corian.  We provide year-round employment to a team of skilled cabinetmakers, paying competitive wages and providing health care and vacation benefits.

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