<Dreamworks Cabinetry, LLC Custom Casework and Countertop for Alaska

Delivery and Installation Policies



1. Dreamworks preferrs that customers or their contractors pick-up casework at our shop on the Parks Highway.

2. Local Delivery can be done for a fee. Unless otherwise quoted, our standard pricing is a base charge of $225, plus $9 per box or countertop section, plus $2 per mile. Delivery is only available within 25 miles of the shop.

3. Commercial freight delivery can be arranged. Please ask for a quote when your cabinets are quoted or in advance of their ready date.




Dreamworks is a liscened and bonded contractor. Our business model, however, is as a manufacturer and our effiencies are in building the casework and countertop. We typically DO NOT DO INSTALLATION. We will occasionally do very small commercial or residential installs if quoted when we quote the job, but prefer to support the area's AGC member construction contractors. We can sometimes recommend others to do casework or countertop installation in the area.



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