<Dreamworks Cabinetry, LLC Custom Commercial Bid Casework and Countertop for Alaska

Commercial Terms

Price will be as quoted or as agreed on signed purchase or contract documents. 20% of the total is due upon Dreamworks completion and provision of submittal drawings and any required specifications, finish samples or hardward samples that must accompany that submittal. The balance will be invoiced upon customer pickup or dispatch of casework from Dreamworks shop. If casework is manufactured to a promised ready date, and that date is postponed by the contractor after casework is in process, then the balance invoice will be issued on the promised ready date. Terms are net 15 days. A 1 1/2% (one and one half percent) finance charge will be assessed monthly on any balance 30 days past due. Statements will be issued on the last Wednesday of each month. Terms are firm whether or not your payment has been received from the owner or superior contractor on the job - "Pay when paid" terms are explicitly not acceptable. Any accounts over 45 days past due are subject to credit hold. Any accounts over 60 days are subject to collections and applicable fees. If you fail to make payments as specified, you shall be responsible for any and all legal and collection fees necessary for collection of the balance due.

Proposals are typically valid for 60 days, unless noted otherwise or unless withdrawn by Dreamworks. Our quote or proposal may be withdrawn at any time prior to agreement or purchase contract, generally due to unanticipated constraints in our shop schedule. While we have tentitively planned all jobs quoted, all quotes proposed deliveries are subject to available shop time as anticipated at the time of signing the purchase contract or agreement.

Submittals will be provided at the time proposed in the quote, or typically within 3-5 work weeks of an order. Shop schedule will be committed or blocked out only after an order is received. Materials will be ordered only after the 20% paymnet due upon submittals is paid. If submittals are waived in order to expedite an order, then materials will be ordered when 20% payment is received as a deposit.

We make every commitment to deliver on-time as agreed at the time of the order. While schedules vary and approvals can vary in time for achievement, we have attempted to cover "normal" cycles. If, however, there is undue delay in approval of submittals, late payment of the 20% down payment due with submittals, or significant changes made in design after submittals have been made, then delivery may be proportionatley delayed. In our history, we have been 100% on-time, however we agree to no penalty or financial consequence to lateness, especially if due to any of the above.

We will gladly make changes to an order as long as it has not entered production, or it does not have a major impact on materials already on hand for the job, or will not delay our commitment for delivery. Substantial changes in the scope, finish, or design of the project will prompt the creation of a revised estimate or the issuance of a change request, which must be approved before changes will be made or manufacture proceed. As a custom shop, we can easily make adjustments to accomodate field measurements made right up to entering production. If field measurements are available, it is the responsibility of the contractor / purchaser to verify our submittal drawings to the field measurements, unless the purchase agreement explicitly calls for Dreamworks Cabinetry to measure. We also need all applicable appliance and equipment dimensional specifications prior to manufacutre, if countertop cut-outs or casework dimensions need to accomodate them.


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